The Documentary Frozen Obsession will highlight the expedition's research and document the activities of the participants during the expedition.

Baffin Island
Baffin Island. Courtesy of Vancouver Maritime Museum.

The Northwest Passage Project will produce a two-hour, ultra high-definition documentary for television, Frozen Obsession. This film will highlight the expedition’s research and document the activities of the diverse group of participants (scientists, historians, journalists, education professionals, and students) and their various experiences.

The expedition’s ship will be the backbone of the film – a time-machine that evokes the legacy of past Arctic mariners as it retraces their paths; a modern research vessel that investigates the biology of a changing Arctic; and an observation platform/classroom/home from which our participants will witness and learn about the Arctic ecosystem and what’s at stake here, first hand.

The documentary will also explore:

  • The maritime history of the Northwest Passage
  • The role of indigenous Inuit people in the Arctic’s history and changes affecting their way of life
  • The geopolitics of this Arctic waterway, now confronted with threats from resource extraction, shipping commerce, and pollution

The documentary will be broadcast by a major television outlet and viewed by the public at special screening events at each of the Northwest Passage Project partner institutions. Other screening events will be held at Penn State’s Polar Center and the Environmental Film Festival. 

David Clark Film Team

From left to right: Bruce Elfstrom, Bob Elfstrom, David Clark

Production Team

David Clark, Producer/Director

Bob Elfstrom, Co-Director, Director of Photography

Duncan Clark, Cameraman

Ray Day, Soundman/DIT

Bruce Elfstrom, Line Producer

Juliana Hanle, Associate Producer


Hester Blum, Arctic Literature, Pennsylvania State University

Ken Burton, Maritime Historian, Vancouver Maritime Museum

Raymond Pierce, Ice Pilot, ION Geophysical

Edward Struzik, Arctic Journalist, Yale Environment 360


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