Expedition Team Documenting the journey, training the next generation of scientists in real time

Photo of two explorers Fort Ross, Nunavut, Canada, by Ken Burton

Arctic explorers at Fort Ross, Nunavut, Canada. © Ken Burton

The Northwest Passage Project’s Arctic expedition provides scientists, students, and filmmakers with extraordinary access to the remote Canadian Arctic. The expedition is designed to maximize research, learning, and documentation opportunities.

Shipboard scientists will lead investigation, observation, and data collection, assisted by graduate students, post-doctoral researchers, and college students. The students will be sharing their experiences in real-time blog posts and video, sharing their real-time experiences with the public.

The Arctic expedition will be captured in ultra-HD by Documentarian David Clark and his team, bringing the public a deeper look at the experience of Arctic exploration.

Shipboard Science Team

Brice Loose, Chemical Oceanographer, URI/GSO, Chief Scientist, Co-PI
Donglai Gong, Physical Oceanographer, VIMS
Rick Ludkin, Bird Census Lead
Holly Morin, Marine Mammal Lead, URI/ISC; Expedition Coordinator
Alessandra D’Angelo, Chemical Oceanography, URI/GSO, Post-Doctoral Student
Cynthia Garcia, Atmospheric Chemistry, UIC, Graduate Student
Zak Kerrigan, Microbiology, URI/GSO, Graduate Student
Jacob Strock, Microbiology, URI/GSO, Graduate Student
Nicole Trenholm, Physical Oceanography, UMD, Graduate Student

Documentary Team

David Clark, Co-Principal Investigator, Film Producer/Director
Robert Elfstrom, Cameraman
Ray Day, Soundman
Bruce Elfstrom, Line Producer
Juliana Hanle, Associate Producer
Duncan Clark, Cameraman
Hester Blum, Arctic Scholar
Ed Struzik, Journalist
Sarah Scriver, Polar Guide

Inner Space Center Team

Erich Gruebel, Satellite Technician
Jessica Kaelblein, Video Technician

Student Participants

Mia Otokiak, Inuit Scientist Lead, Inuit Community Liaison
Frances Crable, Graduate Student, UIC
Theressa Ewa, Undergraduate, UIC
Humair Raziuddin, Undergraduate, UIC
Samira Umar, Undergraduate, UIC
Mirella Shaban, Undergraduate, VCU
Ericka Schulze, Undergraduate, VCU
Tristan Rivera, Undergraduate, VCU
Korenna Estes, Undergraduate, CSUCI
Melvin Kim, Undergraduate, CSUCI
Triston Millstone, Undergraduate, CSUCI
Nik VanKeersbilck, Undergraduate, CSUCI
Kevin Montenegro, Undergraduate, FIU
Andrea Nodal, Undergraduate, FIU
Rose Santana, Undergraduate, FIU
Yoana Boleaga, Undergraduate, CCNY
Michael Digilio, Undergraduate, CCNY
Krystian Kopka, Undergraduate, CCNY
Gibson Porter, Undergraduate, Gjoa Haven