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Update March 8

The project partners screenings are over. You can watch the panels in the NPP video blogs. The documentary Frozen Obession will be broadcast on PBS in mid-April. The NPP website will have a list of PBS stations and broadcast dates and times in early April.

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The day has arrived. The documentary film Frozen Obsession will be shown to public audiences for the first time. Everybody involved in the Northwest Passage Project is excited that they now get to see the film, and we can share it with our partners and the public. These film screening events were originally scheduled to happen in March and April of 2020. However, the COVID-19 shutdowns made in-person screenings impossible to hold. There were many challenges and life changing events in 2020 that may have made us examine what we do each day and how we live. Perhaps we can learn from the film and use it as part of our growth in a new year.

While the project film has an alarming message about the state of the Arctic, it also shows us the beauty of the Arctic and the people who live there. The film is a testament to the resilience of the Nunavut people and to the project participants, who have persevered though the project’s ups and downs. It is exciting to once again speak with the students who went on the expedition and learn how they have grown and are thriving, as they start their journeys beyond college.

Watch the trailer, and hopefully you can join us for a screening of Frozen Obsession, see the Documentary page, or watch it on PBS later in 2021.

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