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    Having two relatives on board the Oden. Film crew Robert Elfstrom my father, Bruce Elfstrom my brother. I was concerned with there safety as they plowed there way through the Northwest passage. Fighting with polar bears. Sliding off the side of a glacier into the abyss. Dealing with scurvy and fighting white out hallucinations etc…. Well. After watching “Life aboard the Oden” I have a different vision.
    So. Dear captain please make sure my father and brother don’t get injured in the following areas.
    Choking on caviar in the dining room.
    Pulling a hamstring playing ping pong.
    Slipping on imported seltzer water in the movie theater.
    Loosing there pay check while playing card games in the lounge.
    You get the picture.

    Bobby Elfstrom

    PS. Please make sure you rub sun block on there noses while on the sun deck.

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