Laundry Day

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Today was the first time I did laundry while onboard the ship. Normally, I actually do laundry quite often back at home back in NY, but I packed so much for this trip that I have been able to put it off for a while. My roommate, Humair, and I have been telling each other every morning that we have to do our laundry, and yet, we never got around to doing it until today.

Humair Raziuddin was my roommate during last year’s expedition on the Akademik Ioffe, and at the inception of that brief expedition, we both took a quick glance at the prices of the laundry. I can still remember how stunned and dumbfounded I was when I realized that washing a pair of socks costed around three dollars. To this day, I remember that we both decided that we would create a drying line in our room on the Ioffe, and that we would wash our garments in the sink. I laugh every time when I think of that memory. Luckily on this expedition laundry is totally free along with the detergent. However, the controls of the washer are in Swedish, so we are still burdened by a language barrier. The only way we could possibly do laundry was ask our other NPP participants (that have actually done laundry on the ship) to explain the controls. Turns out, the laundry controls are easy to understand and there are only a few buttons to press.

Most people do their laundry later in the day, because they presume no one else will be using the machines at that time; aboard the Oden it is quite the opposite. Here, most people do their laundry in the evening, so it is imperative to keep popping into the laundry room to see if there is a free washer available at anytime or else you won’t be able to wash/dry your gear. I still have yet to see how my laundry turns out (it’s still in the machine!) but I am confident it will go well.  At the least, I hope that I don’t shrink my clothes!

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