Walrus Encounter

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The expedition encountered a group of walruses. Walrus are found around the Arctic and sub-Arctic in regions that are seasonally ice covered. Walruses form two major populations, the Pacific Walrus and the Atlantic Walrus. There are several stocks of Atlantic Walruses. The largest group lives in the West Greenland-Canadian Arctic region with a population of around 20,000. Walruses are an important subsistence and cultural resource for native populations in Alaska, Canada, Greenland, and Russia. Although capable of deep diving, walruses are generally found in relatively shallow water of 90 meters (~300ft) or less where they can easily access the ocean bottom for food. Clams make up the majority of walrus diet but they also eat other invertebrates such snails, sea cucumbers, crabs, and segmented worms.

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    Fascinating creatures! Since they’re highly social, is it known if they can survive if stranded and by themselves??

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