Beachy Island and the Graves I ate ice and heard the ocean

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Recently we stopped at Beechy Island, which was a very bleak, yet beautiful sight. It was a very calming place once everyone was nearly gone and we were waiting for the helicopter to come back and pick us up, but before that I had loads of fun. From laying under the ice and taking pictures, to taking a video of Humair (a fellow student/ friend of mine) running across the ice, and eating the ice, we had loads of fun. The graves didn’t put such a damper on things, even though the island has a history of loss and suffering. I didn’t really mind the graves because I had was having such a good time there with everyone alive and well.
Aside from the visit to Beechy Island, some of the activities that I have been participating in are live broadcasts and helping the Microscopic Communities Team clean a lot of their incubation bottles. They use so many bottles, and fill up an entire container with these, and they have to be rinsed and washed in a certain way. The broadcasting went very well too. I think I did a pretty good job on camera.
During my broadcast, two of the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat (SPRSS) crew members were rescuing a lost acoustic buoy from the water. The buoy is an underwater microphone that records sounds in the ocean. It was so crazy cause it was all happening behind me (during the broadcast). The crew members, Lars and Asa got stuck out on the iceberg (that that buoy was also stuck inside of) and had to be brought back on shore via helicopter (boat and all). After four tries to retrieve the buoy, it was finally brought back on board, and I got some pretty cool videos and photos of all of it.

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