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Today is Wednesday July 24th. I had a free day today to get some rest after the night of doing CTD casts. I offered to help Holly with the broadcasts so that I can be the camera man for the Smithsonian broadcasts. Jess hooked me up with a microphone and gave me a rundown of the camera and then I talked to a guy named Alex who is back at the Inner Space Center and running the operations there. He ran me through all the settings on the camera, where he wanted them, and then coordinated with Erich, who is my roommate, and the satellite and broadcast engineer onboard for the ISC.

Watching the broadcasts from behind the scenes was cool. Having a microphone, hearing Alex cue up everything and go from live, to premade video, back to live, or anything of that type was a new experience for me. I didn’t have to focus too much on moving the camera unless I was told to do so. For the most part, I was just listening to him work on everything, and it went very smoothly. Holly and Kevin were the talent on camera, and they both did a really good job. Whenever the energy needed to be brought back up, Holly was there to make sure that the correct information was being presented in the most fun manner possible. I can’t wait to work on camera again.

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