6 Days’ Voyage Pt. 2

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Pond Inlet was beautiful. The second day at Pond Inlet, Sunday, we were given a tour by one of the Ikaarvik mentors, Shelly, and another Pond Inlet resident, Sarah. We first walked through the town towards this overlook. Every person we passed was super friendly; it was seldom that I wasn’t greeted with a smile and wave. The previous day, I was able to befriend a few children who wanted to watch us take off in the helicopters. I had a playlist saved on my phone, which luckily had enough battery left to play a few songs for them. They were separated by a fence from myself and Jess, a camera crew member working for the ISC, but we all still knew how to dance, regardless.

The overlook we eventually made it to on Sunday was stunning. Land surrounded water, making a sort of water-peninsula, the “pond inlet” that the town is named for. Across to the other side, we could “sea” multiple peaks, ice-capped and all. A glacier terminus could be seen within a valley with clear paths cut in where ice has been flowing downhill for years. The side of the land we were at had its own varying features. Massive rocks jutted out amidst smaller rocks and flora. One hundred meters downhill in front of me, I could see a gentle slope broken up by those tough, gray rocks, which we used to clamber down a little ways. If I looked out to sea and found Oden treading in place offshore, my back would be to Pond Inlet, giving me this unreal image of fog and mountains and ocean and buildings, plants, animals, and people.
Members of Ikaarvik came back to Oden with us that afternoon and we gave them a tour of they ship after they gave us an introduction to who they are and what Ikaarvik is.
Afterward, it was back to the olde grind: filtering and testing samples for our experiments followed by washing the sample bottles to prepare for the next round.


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