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Last night I didn’t sleep as well as I had hoped to. My appetite wavered from the days before, so a cup of coffee and some toast and jam were my choice of breakfast for the day. Once my spirits and energy were slightly lifted, we finally got to work on the science for the day. Team PO (physical oceanography) had a very interesting day!
Team PO, led by Virginia Institute of Marine Science’s (VIMS) Dr. Donglai Gong and Nicole Trenholm, went through structural and operational procedures on the remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) we would be deploying. These ROV’s allow us to see up to 200 meters into the water column and make visual observations. We are also able to observe the temperatures of the water as the ROV descends. When juxtaposing these to coordinates and time stamps we are able to provide data for further research and understanding of the area.
Once Team PO absorbed the ROV information, we took some time to learn a few sailors’ knots with David Clarke’s team. So far, I have mastered the sheep bend, square knot, and clove hitch. It was actually a lot of fun learning how to do these knots! They are also very useful for doing things such as securing important and heavy objects, as well as tying together ropes of different kinds. The day ended with a great dinner, and to our surprise, dessert! Something sweet is an absolute treat in the Arctic. After dinner, we discussed Inuit culture and what our upcoming trip to Pond Inlet would entail. Mia, an Inuit early career scientist participating in the Seabirds and Marine Mammals Team, gave us a run down on what we may expect from the community and its members. The night ended with some scientist bonding in our dorms, anticipating our touch down in Pond Inlet tomorrow afternoon. The calm day was needed in anticipation of a busier day tomorrow!

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    Hope you’re feeling better! Sounds like a cool experience with the ROVs and learning about the knots! That can come in handy in a lot of ways!

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