A trip to Pond Inlet

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My trip to Pond Inlet was awesome. I got to tour with my host brother Cody Isaaki Pitsiulak in a truck. He took me all around Pond Inlet, which I thought was really great of him. He also showed me where Salmon Creek is. I also got to see some of the Suqslaq family, they were originally from Gjoa Haven and moved to pond Inlet in 1986. It was great to see them. We had a good chat about family in Gjoa Haven. They are doing good in Pond, Pond Inlet is their home. I told them that home is where our heart belongs. Because no matter where you go you get so attached to the community, people, and land. No matter where you go you get accepted from amazing people. I also got to see some of my awesome Ikaarvik Family that I met back in November 2018, and also got to meet most of the Pond Inlet Ikaarvik Family which I’ve always wanted to meet.

Pond Inlet is a very beautiful place, such are the people. Very welcoming people. Pond Inlet is a very beautiful place to be. All the Mountains are very beautiful. I could not believe how beautiful Pond Inlet was.

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    What a thoughtful note about a great experience. Thank you – you are right- home is where your heart is. Sounds like beautiful people in a beautiful place.

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