To the Arctic and beyond! The adventure begins

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I cannot believe that I have gotten to this point! When I was first told that I would be a part of this expedition back in March it seemed like it was so far out. And now my bags are packed and I am underway!

Packing was an adventure in itself! Packing for Arctic climate when you are from Florida always gets you funny looks. I’m sure visitors thought I was crazy when they came over and saw my suitcases, filled with jackets, fleeces, and boots! But that’s okay! I think my biggest obstacle was figuring out how to take my blowdryer without anything catching on fire!

As someone who has lived and mostly studied in Florida for the past 3 years, I am both anxious and excited about going to the Arctic. I know I am completely out of my element and comfort zone but there is something about exploring the changing Arctic that gets the adventurer in me excited! But I am also really excited to meet all of my fellow students and peers on this expedition. After having read and heard about so many of them I’m looking forward to finally meeting them in person!

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