Early Morning Thoughts Before An Adventure Pondering few moments before flight

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After finally finishing packing, I begin this morning thinking about the excitement of embarking on this momentous trip to the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. Many thoughts float through my head right now (besides the ones of panicking over whether I kept my toothbrush or not). Thoughts about how grateful I am to make a journey to an icy, faraway land with amazing people. Thoughts of embracing the cold and being one with nature. Thoughts of conducting new science and making discoveries. Thoughts about seeing the Arctic again.

Going last year with the NPP was an eye-opening experience. I got to see the beautiful Arctic and its serene waters. I also bonded with students and researchers very quickly. We became a family very fast and that sense of bond is something I want to include with the new students this year. I am very excited to meet everyone and conduct science side-by-side with my peers. Additionally, I am ecstatic to see all the wildlife such as polar bears, narwhals, seals, beluga whales, and many more!

This opportunity has me very excited because I am contributing something significant to the scientific community by helping in collecting data about this dramatically changing region. The Arctic’s climate impact the rest of the world and this project will showcase the change to everyone by shining a light onto the science being conducted.

I can’t wait for everyone to see what we are going to be doing in the Arctic Circle, so please stay tuned to hear from all of us about our adventures and stories!

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