Another go around Preparing for the NWP 2019

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picture of some of the NWP participants last year

One would think that packing the second time around for the Arctic would be easier for me since I’ve done it before, but that was not the case. It mainly had to do with the fact that I was reminiscing on the NWP last year. The trip last year only lasted two days. Although, the impact it had on me was greater than I could have ever imagined. We all have a passion for science and sharing that love with anyone willing to listen so there was never a dull moment.

The NWP 2018 was extremely memorable and connections made with participants were immediate. While the trip ended abruptly last year my experience only has me excited for the NWP 2019. My passion with this project is to find a bridge between science and the general public. Hopefully by having these blogs from participants with varying experiences/backgrounds we may be able to do just that.

The one feeling I cannot shake off is that I did not pack enough. A great thing about the returners is that we have been talking about sharing our belongings to avoid, you know, freezing. I’m super excited to see everyone! T-minus 5 hours until everyone meets up in New York!

picture of some of the NWP participants from last year

Going from left to right: Laura Hickey, Franny Crable, Stephanie Karolina, Ericka Schulze






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